King Solomon’s Pilot

Solomon;s Pilot eBook coverCould this fictional story be more truth than fiction?

A three thousand year-old maritime mystery solved?

The historical maritime mystery of Ophir and King Solomon’s mines has puzzled and intrigued historians, archaeologists and writers for almost three thousand years. Could this story reveal the truth? Many respected historians believe it does, primarily due to the known monsoonal wind systems, methods of sailing, and the time taken on the voyage as mentioned in the Bible (1 kings 11:22)

˃˃˃ Many of the characters are fictional. Many are not

962 BC was the dawn of the golden years for King Solomon. He is at the pinnacle of power and has few enemies other than the exiled Prince Hadad of Edom, whose men harass Solomon’s tax inspectors on the silk road and plunder the caravans. With Phoenician pilots provided by his friend King Hiram of Tyre, Solomon’s ships and agents ply the coasts of the Red Sea, trading from Egypt to Saba and around the horn of Africa, hugging the treachorous coast as far as Opone and Serapio, keeping land in sight and spending each night ashore. Few pilots dared risk the night at sea with unknown winds and unseen dangers

˃˃˃ Non-stop action adventure

King Solomon’s Pilot is a non-stop, page-turning, action adventure-filled epic of sailing and exploration in the intriguing time of the Phoenicians. A time when ships were at the mercy of the winds, and men were at the mercy of kings. A story based on historical facts and archaeological discoveries. A tale that explores the truth of where lies the fabled mountains and wide river that gave up its treasures for King Solomon’s temple of gold.