Into the Sun

Into the Sun ebook cover

Rosie was fed-up. She had been snared, attacked by hyenas, darted, pursued and dehorned. She was now ready to kill something… anything

Although wary, the female rhinoceros had no fear as she approached the drying river. She had come this way many times before, following the same worn path to drink from the dark still pool, and with the dank scent of it heavy in the air, she did not detect the musky sweetness of man…

The owners of a wildlife sanctuary in a remote corner of Zimbabwe are involved with translocating endangered black rhinos to Australia. As if that wasn’t dangerous enough, they also find themselves pitted against poachers and the might of a Chinese multinational intent on cornering the world market in rhino horn.

In a page-turning action adventure thriller, drama, humour, kidnapping and political chicanery abound. But so too the worthier attributes of love and forgiveness. Attributes possessed not only by man, but also by many wild animals.